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The operas were composed especially for children and sung by Maryland opera singer and music educator Yvette Lewis. Grammy nominee Jimmy Hammer did the arrangements. The engaging lyrics and catchy melodies paint musical pictures that will have children captivated. They will be singing and dancing along as soon as the music begins.

The Bully Goats Gruff and The Little Red Hen

The “Bully Goats Gruff,” a remake of the Billy Goats Gruff, has a timely anti-bullying message.“The Little Red Hen” has a theme of cooperation and sharing – the perfect companion piece to anti-bullying. Populated by opinionated animals, this opera feels like a great old-fashioned hoedown.
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The Three Bears Opera and The Gingerbread Man Opera

The Three Bears Opera is a delightful interpretation of a timeless classic in an operatic setting. The Gingerbread Man Opera introduces children to the concept of opera as a singing story. This opera is guaranteed to have children singing along before the second verse.
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“Lyric soprano and elementary school music teacher Yvette Lewis presents So This Is Opera, a series of music CDs designed to introduce the concept of opera as a "singing story" to young people. Fairy tales are transformed into complete musical performances to captivate and delight. "The Gingerbread Man and The Three Bears Operas" features two complete operas, based on timeless storybook tales. "The Bully Goats Gruff and The Little Red Hen Operas" goes a step further, offering its two operas in both vocal and instrumental form for a total of four pieces (adults and little ones can sing the opera to the instrumental versions themselves, if they wish). . .

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