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“Esteemed soprano Yvette Lewis shines a spotlight on the joys of opera music by setting classic fairy tales to music. Kids will be catching “The Gingerbread Man” as Lewis sweetly sings the story of the animated cookie who high-tails it out of the kitchen and sets off on an adventure across the countryside. Next, Lewis gets it “just right” with a fun adaptation of “The Three Bears.” In both cases, Lewis’ voice is joined by a soundtrack of jazzy rhythms and upbeat instrumentation. ” ”

- Music Review – NewSound Kids

“This fascinating album is part opera music, part storytelling and part educational resource. Featuring the bright, cheery voice if soprano Yvette Lewis and the jangly piano music of Jimmy Hammer, kids are treated to two filled stories that they may likely recognize. First is a twist on the story of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff” called “The Bully Goats Gruff.” This story incorporates an anti-bullying message. The second story is a rendition of the classic story “The Little Red Hen.”

- Music Review – NewSound Kids

“Lyric soprano and elementary school music teacher Yvette Lewis presents So This Is Opera, a series of music CDs designed to introduce the concept of opera as a “singing story” to young people. Fairy tales are transformed into complete musical performances to captivate and delight. “The Gingerbread Man and The Three Bears Operas” features two complete operas, based on timeless storybook tales. “The Bully Goats Gruff and The Little Red Hen Operas” goes a step further, offering its two operas in both vocal and instrumental form for a total of four pieces (adults and little ones can sing the opera to the instrumental versions themselves, if they wish). A strong anti-bullying message enriches “The Bully Goats Gruff and The Little Red Hen Operas”, making it an especially choice pick for school and public library children’s music collections. Both albums are highly recommended for young people in kindergarten through second grade, as an excellent way to introduce them to a classic art form.”

- Music Review – Midwest Book Review

Students who turned their ‘noses up’ prior to the performance now say they love opera! Great show!

Kindergarten teacher – Baileywick Elementary

2nd graders got into it BIG time!
Excellent – the children were singing opera in the room for 2 days!

St. Timothy’s

Outstanding educator as well as entertainer! We want Ms. Lewis back for a residency.
Mrs. Lewis did an awesome job with our students!
Outstanding rapports with students

Washington Elementary

Thank you so much for teaching me to sing opera. The Bully Goat was great!

Myles – student, Folger McKinsey Elementary School